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About Me

Welcome to my blog .I hope you will like it .

My name is Manal Raafat. I am an Egyptian dentist , living in Cairo.I am a female living in Cairo .

I liked the art of drawing and colors very much ,that pushed me to study Graphic Designing  .

I had studied graphic designing [ Photo shop , Illustrator ,and also Flash animation ] for more than five years.


This blog is about learning Photoshop and Illustrator and at the same time increase our knowlege and experience and enjoy reading about different things . I hope that you will like the  idea of the blog .


I had three other blogs:

Art Wotk   It is a mixed arabic and english blog .

Arts Of Photos    It is an english blog for shearing the general knowledge and learning Photoshop and Illustrator .

  It is an arabic blog فن و معلومه


Arts Of Photos 

You can also contact me at my e-mail




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